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Celebrating Volunteers

By April 6, 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

We love our volunteers!  We are so grateful for all they do… here are some fun and inspiring stories from one of our long-time volunteers, Randi Bishop.

Randi has volunteered with the Waldport Chamber for over 10 years, including helping with the Highway 34 project, and the Chamber’s Annual Christmas Party. She began hosting at the Alsea Bay Interpretive Center more than 3 years ago as a way to balance out her hospice and long term care ombuds volunteer service.

Randi enjoys meeting the happy and interesting world travelers that stop by to learn more about the Alsea Bay area, such as adventurers like the young folks biking or hiking the coast trail, often solo… or grandparents hitting the road after selling everything and starting over in an RV. When greeting visitors, she loves sharing information about Waldport and neighboring towns.

Her most rewarding time was having her granddaughter volunteer with her during the summer. “She learned so much. How to interact with visitors and learning about our area. She loved it. I feel like she will carry the experience with her forever.”

Randi shared another fun story. “One day a young lady came in, she was hiking the coast trail. She wandered around the center and was about to leave when an older couple came in. They all looked at each other and they had camped at the same campground a few days earlier and the older couple had given the younger lady a ride. They had a nice little reunion.”

“Another day I had two different couples come in about an hour apart from the same town in Georgia.  I sent the second couple to Salty Dawg, where I knew the first ones had gone, as they thought it might be folks they knew.”

Randi added, “It’s a great center, and I’m surprised at the amount of locals who have never been in!”

Laura Furgurson shared kudos for Randi, “Since I joined the Chamber a few months ago, Randi has been an invaluable resource and constant help to keep the Visitor Center going as I was learning the ropes and juggling multiple priorities. She recently took it upon herself to reorganize the storage areas and visitor-facing areas. Randi even recruited her husband Rob to build shelves and do dump runs. Everyone at the Chamber and in Waldport greatly appreciates Randi’s long time efforts to help the Chamber and our community.”

​If you’d like to gather fun and inspiring stories like Randi, let us know what sort of volunteer opportunity is up your alley. Even while we’re all staying at home, we still have volunteers helping behind the scenes!