Waldport Aerial View

Connection for all your Internet, Wi-Fi and phone needs.

Pioneer Connect is committed by investing into the Community of
Waldport with a Brand New Fiber Network, Built for the Future.
Benefits Include:
• Internet speeds up to 1 GIG
— lightning-fast bandwidth for using multiple devices simultaneously,
incredible 4K streaming, real-time gaming, and a work-from-home lifestyle.
• Future Proof
Internet capacity. Just like in major urban areas except right here in Waldport.
• Reliable and Weatherproof
technology that provides you a dedicated connection—the best
Internet security, and dependability during harsh weather.
• Fiber is Fast. Really Fast.
Leave behind buffering and lagging, enjoy Internet that keeps pace
with your busy life.
• Local People & Service
from an expert team that lives and works in your community.
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575 West Willow |Waldport, Oregon 97394