Revolutionary, Low Impact Wind Energy & Storage.

Turn your Industrial, Commercial or High-Density Residential rooftop into a Highly-Efficient Power Plant.  Generate & Store Power Safely from Turbulent Winds on your Rooftop with Patented Electronic Inertial Power Technology.

The EiP Wind Machine is the central building block of a EiP system.  On top is a stationary bird-safe 8′ wide by 6′ tall cages that directs any turbulent or gusty winds into internal blades that sit on top of a slowly rotating heavy flywheel.  The flywheel is surrounded by cluster of magnets and inductors, and powered by high-speed switch-mode electronics, enabling wind energy to be converted directly into energy, which can be connected to a building power panel through standard UL approved ABB motor drives.  Since there are no chemicals or toxic materials used, EiP machines will not spark of cause fires.

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